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VinZillion Group, established in 2017, is a company which focuses on contemporary problems with innovative solutions. The company caters to two brands and hopes to expand and invest in various avenues. Zissto, a ready to cook convenience company and Scribble Scrolls, curators of content in the age of digitization are the current labels under this group. 

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Zissto is a ready to cook convenience brand that enables cooking in minutes. Authentic cuisines and delicious taste makes Zissto the to go brand for the inner chef in you. All of our products have a 12-month shelf life from the date of manufacture.
It is committed to offer people ease & speed in their cooking & eating needs… both at home & at work.

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Scribble Scrolls is a marketing agency that formulates brand strategy and manages your online and offline campaigns. From development to execution, to analytics of the campaign, We do it all! Because a company starts with a Scribble ends with a Brand, doesn't it?


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